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About The Artist Dalila

Dalila Petrillo is an artist from Guatemala, born in the small town of Acaseguastlan, El Progreso in 1951. From an early age she showed great interest in painting, following in the steps of her father, also a painter and teacher of art in the Academy Of Arts in Guatemala City. The artist has resided in Los Angeles since 1974. She attended college in Glendale and Northridge. The events of September 11, 2001, and the horrifying image of the twin towers in New York touched Dalia to the very center of her heart. Shaken and saddened, she took on herself as a way of healing the task of painting and following the piece of history that had affected everyone's lives. Ever sicne then she has painted more about other dates in the U.S> history. Dalila sincerely hopes that everyone understands she hopes not to hurt or offend anyone, but to solely express her thoughts and feelings through art.

Dalila can be reached at 818-865-1695