Art By Boz



A Gallery of Art Personally Selected By Boz

To view paintings, please click on the thumbnails. Prices are available upon request.

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Gilak Girl
Oil- 23x35

Oil- 34x54

Shanameh 1
Oil- 48x74

Shanameh 2
Oil- 48x57

Islamic Art 1
Oil- 41x60

Islamic Art 2
Oil- 42x63

Islamic Art 3
Oil- 40x50

Shanameh 3
Oil- 54x54

Shanameh 4
Oil- 48x75

King Manoochehr
Oil- 38x54

Ghajar Girl
Oil - 25x37

Persian Wedding Party

Persian Wedding Ceremony
Oilic- 26x39

Persian Kingdom
Oil 27x47