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About The Artist

Boz Vakhshori was born in Oct 1952, in Iran. His artistic talents began very young when he started to draw with charcoal and chalk at the age of seven.

Boz left Iran in March of 1978 and attended the San Diego State University. Among his field courses, he also took several courses in Modern Art, wood crafting and ceramic courses. Boz also attended Cal State and studied the art of oil, acrylic, and watercolors.

On July 28, 2007, Boz had his first art show in City Art in Van Nuys, California. Sixty-five pieces of his work were on display, and were viewed by over 300 people. His second art show was in the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California on Sep. 4, 2007. On Sept 8, and 9, 2007 his paintings were displayed for Make A Wish Foundation reception in City Art in Van Nuys, California.

In December, 2007 - Boz joined forces with another artistic talent, Dalila, for a new show at City Art. His work continues to expand and grow.

In June, 2008, Boz was featured at the Iranian American Art Expo at City Art.


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Boz is a member of:
Iranian American Visual Artists Guild."IAVAG".
San Fernando Valley Art Club."SFVAC"
Valley Artists Guild."VAG"
Chatsworth Fine Arts Council